Receiving IRS Transcripts – Fraud

In late 2014 the IRS announced that a new system allowed taxpayers to obtain transcripts of their tax information – immediately – online.

Now just a few months later, the IRS has announced that the system hacked for fraudulent. means.

The IRS says there were 23 million requests for transcript information between February and mid-May 2015.  Of these 200,000 are believed to be fraudulent, and 104,000 actually were able to obtain the personal information concerning individual tax filings.

The IRS says they will mail letters, this week, to the individuals affected.

The IRS has shut down the “Get Transcript” system, (May 21, 2015) until further notice.

If you need a transcript before the IRS reinstates the system you can:

If your professional is an Enrolled Agent, they can request a transcript, or

You can file form 4506-T with the IRS and have a transcript mailed to you

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