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Computer Services

The Only Advanced QuickBooks Professional Advisor in the NorthlandIn 2006 QuickBooks developed the Advanced QuickBooks Certified Professional Advisor Program. This is only open to Certified QuickBooks Professional Advisor’s that complete an additional 24 Hours of Continuing Education – Dick Clemens became the first Advanced QuickBooks Professional in the Northland!

On-Site Software Training

BDS specializes in QuickBooks® installation, implementation, training, telephone and onsite support & consulting.

QuickBooks® Solutions include:

  • Complete Company Set-Up
  • Ongoing Bookkeeping Assistance
  • Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual Reviews

We offer “One-on-One” personalized training to meet your specific needs at your location!

BDS understands that there is not one solution for every small business or organization. We customize all of our services to meet your individual needs.

Whether you need to:

  • design your accounting system from scratch
  • convert from Quicken or your manual system to QuickBooks
  • have your books balanced periodically
  • enhance your current bookkeeping skills
  • begin a checks-and-balances process within your business

We can help you save considerable time and money by streamlining your bookkeeping system and creating maximum efficiency in maintaining your accounting records.

Serving area includes:
Clay County, Platte County, and Jackson County Missouri
Johnson, Wyandotte and Leavenworth County Kansas