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Tax Season Starts!

Tuesday January 19, 2015, is the official start of Tax Season.

That is when the IRS starts accepting electronically filed returns.

This year tax season lasts longer than any ever.

Why – First – this a leap year so there are 29 days in February.

Friday – April 15 is a Holiday – Emancipation Day – taxes are never due on a Holiday, so that would make the due date – the next Monday – thus making taxes due:

Monday April 18, 2016

Happy Tax Season!

Unclaimed Property

There are millions of dollars held by state governments just waiting to be claimed

photo credit: pam's pics- via photopin cc

photo credit: pam’s pics- via photopin cc

by individuals, business, and even the government. When businesses have money relating to refunds, credit accounts, payroll, insurance policies, etc. that they have been unable to get to the to the correct person, they are supposed to provide it to the state, who will hold it until claimed.

There may be unclaimed money for individuals, business, government agencies, school districts, even the IRS – Just waiting to be claimed

It is relatively easy to claim the funds.


  • The BDS owner had a $10 refund from Sears, that had been held by the state for over 10 years.
  • A BDS client had moved from Olathe to Shawnee six years ago and a insurance refund for $350 relating to the Olathe home was unclaimed.
  • A BDS client had nine different unclaimed amounts (over $1,000) both personal and a previously owned business and his wife had two claims for $150.
  • A clients’ mother passed away 15 years ago, and there was a unclaimed bank account for $120.

Every state has a web site to check to see if anything is waiting for you to claim.


  • Check all states lived in – for all family members – living & deceased.
  • Check for all names, nicknames, and maiden names.
  • Check for all business names including subsidiaries and closed business.
  • Become a hero with your boss! Kansas & Missouri both still have funds for Montgomery Wards and Western Auto and many other companies (open and closed).

Web Sites

photo credit: John Ong via photopin cc

photo credit: John Ong via photopin cc